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  At some point in time the marble will require complete restoration. This will be due to large amounts of cracking, deep scratching, and unsightly lippage, moving tiles, grout damage, irremovable traffic patterns, problem staining or any other defect which cannot be remedied by polishing alone. Our extensive experience in marble restoration will give you peace of mind when choosing a Professional Company.

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  Terrazzo floors are extremely durable however old examples can need extensive repair work in order to restore them to their former beauty. Holes or pits where stone chippings have come loose may need filling and a loss of luster will demand the need for diamond grinding and polishing. If your Terrazzo floor is looking dull, is damaged or hasn’t been re-sealed for many years, please contact us for free advice and estimate.


Make it look beautiful! We’ll resurface your concrete to give it the like-new look you’re sure to love. Concrete does not have to be plain gray! With our available stains we make adding color to your concrete surface a breeze. Take your regular concrete with its rough texture, and let Five Stars Marble & Concrete Restoration make it beautiful. 





When regular maintenance procedures are no longer adequate, complete restoration will be necessary. Problems like cracked, loose or chipped tiles or a desire to have a different finish on the stone all require complete restoration. It is possible for us to polish a honed travertine which will give it more depth of color. If the travertine is unfilled, we can fill it and give it a honed or polished finish.

Your experience with us begins with a free consultation. The consultation includes an estimate that contains an assessment of the floor’s condition and an explanation of the process needed to restore your concrete.

We also do pavers cleaning and sealing with matte or shiny finish.

Wood floor restoration services & repair have been a specialty of ours for years. Our expertise, experience and dedicated customer care are what differentiate us from competition. At wood floors by classic , we pride ourselves on our use of the most technologically advanced tools and methods.

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